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How to create a Reverse Complement Sequence

See also What is a reverse complement sequence?

  1. Enter your DNA sequence into the text box and click the button "Add". Your new entry is added.
    Enter your DNA sequence
    You can enter all sequences you need to convert at this point. If you don't have any sequences and just want to try it out, you can import some example sequences by clicking on "Load Examples", next to the "Add"-Button.
    For more details regarding data entry and acceptable formats see Help>Sequence Import
  2. Select all your entries that you want to convert by clicking on them. Selected entries change the background color.
    Your DNA sequence is added to your project. Select the sequence by clicking on it
    To deselect an entry, click on it again; the background changes to white again. You can select multiple entries to convert them all at once.
    For more details about selecting entries see Help>Selecting entries
    Help>Renaming entries describes how to change an entry name.
  3. After selecting the entries, choose the appropriate command in the tool bar: "Reverse Complement > Reverse Complement".
    Reverse complement sequence tool
    The reverse complement gets inserted as a new entry, with the tag [RevComp] added to its name.
    Reverse complement sequence from your original sequence
The same workflow can be used to generate reverse sequences and complement sequences.

For an explanation about Reverse Complement sequences see What is a reverse complement sequence?

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